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Case Reports
. 2012 Aug;40(4):441-3.
doi: 10.1007/s15010-011-0208-3. Epub 2011 Oct 15.

Fatal dengue hemorrhagic fever imported into Germany

  • PMID: 22002736
  • DOI: 10.1007/s15010-011-0208-3
Case Reports

Fatal dengue hemorrhagic fever imported into Germany

J Schmidt-Chanasit et al. Infection. 2012 Aug.


Dengue virus (DENV) is an arthropod-borne virus (family Flaviviridae) causing dengue fever or dengue hemorrhagic fever. Here, we report the first fatal DENV infection imported into Germany. A female traveler was hospitalized with fever and abdominal pain after returning from Ecuador. Due to a suspected acute acalculous cholecystitis, cholecystectomy was performed. After cholecystectomy, severe spontaneous bleeding from the abdominal wound occurred and the patient died. Postmortem analysis of transudate and tissue demonstrated a DENV secondary infection of the patient and a gallbladder wall thickening (GBWT) due to an extensive edema.

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