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Exercise for Frail, Elderly Patients with Acute Heart Failure ! A Strong Step Forward

List of authors.
  • Stefan D. Anker, M.D., Ph.D.,
  • and Andrew J.S. Coats, D.M.

Exercise rehabilitation has a long history in the management of chronic heart failure, with the first randomized trial of exercise training dating back to 19901 ! and by the late 1990s, it had become an integral part of therapy.2 There is solid evidence from multiple trials and meta-analyses that exercise training improves exercise capacity and reduces symptoms in patients with stable heart failure. However, trial data showing a reduction in the risk of hospitalization or death in patients with heart failure who participated in exercise training are lacking, although the results from a large trial, HF-ACTION (Heart Failure: A Controlled . . .

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From the Department of Internal Medicine and Cardiology on Campus VirchowCKlinikum, the Berlin Institute of Health Center for Regenerative Therapies, and the German Center for Cardiovascular Research partner site Berlin, Charit└ Universit?tsmedizin Berlin (S.D.A.); and the Faculty of Medicine, University of Warwick, Coventry, United Kingdom (A.J.S.C.).