Article Metrics

New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) articles feature timely Article Metrics in an easy-to-use dashboard format at Valuable for both NEJM authors and readers, Article Metrics are found in a link on the Article page in the secondary navigation above the article.

Article Metrics compile data about:

  • Global reach, distribution, and impact
  • How the medical community and mainstream media is reading, discussing, and sharing an articles information and conclusions

Who Can Access?

  • visitors with full-text access can view Article Metrics on all NEJM articles published since July 2010.
  • visitors who are signed in to their free account can access up to two subscriber-only articles of their choosing each month and see the metrics for those articles.
  • All visitors to can view metrics on original research articles 6 months after publication and articles meeting editorial criteria for being made freely available to all.

What Is Tracked?

Article Metrics data are cumulative from date of publication and include:

  • Number and geographic distribution of page views on
  • Citations
  • Global media coverage
  • Social media sharing with comparative rankings

Page Views
NEJM collects page view data daily and posts refreshed data on the second day after collection. A page view is defined as either an HTML or PDF view of an article.

NEJM draws citations data from Crossref, a database of journal articles and other materials from scholarly and professional publishers around the globe. Crossref data updates as journals submit information on published articles.

Global Media Coverage
A media monitoring service searches news stories from around the world for every mention of NEJM or the New England Journal of Medicine. NEJM then curates the findings to eliminate irrelevant results and duplicates before publishing. Radio and television mentions are predominantly from inside the U.S., while print and web media are tracked worldwide in multiple languages.

Social Media follows online conversations about scientific research, combining multiple online indicators (both scholarly and non-scholarly) to measure digital impact and reach beyond citations. Altmetric data featured via the NEJM Article Metrics dashboard tallies shares and mentions (by article URL), appearing on: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Blogs. It also displays how an article compares in both percentile and rank to other NEJM articles as well as all medical journal articles.