A collection of articles and other resources describing effects of climate change on physical and psychological health and on the function of health care systems, including resources to support action by physicians and other health care professionals.

Interactive Perspective: The Climate Crisis — Health and Care Delivery
The consequences of climate change directly affect human health, the practice of medicine, and the stability of health care systems. In this Interactive Perspective by R.N. Salas and C.G. Solomon, clinicians will find climate-related information relevant to their specialty as well as a broader explanation of this public health emergency.

Climate Crisis & Clinical Practice Symposium
Watch the first symposium to bring together the leading health institutions around Greater Boston to tackle the effects of the climate crisis on clinical practice. It was co-hosted by the New England Journal of Medicine, Harvard Global Health Institute, Harvard C-CHANGE, and Harvard Medical School.
View the Climate and Pandemic Resilience in Health Care discussion on NEJM Resident 360.

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